Canada's King

Canada’s King : Not in 2017 hopefully, but what will be his name?

Canada's King Canada’s small but vocal republican movement has made no secret that a King Charles is their best bet ...
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Yuge Events 2017

Yuge Events 2017: Bigly and Yuger than the Inauguration, Believe Me !

Yuge Events 2017 Total solar eclipse one of many BIG events ahead Scott Sutherland Meteorologist/Science Writer Yuge Events 2017 Thursday, ...
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Facebook Censorship

Facebook Censorship – 16th century art NO – but here’s Approved Meat

Facebook Censorship 16th century art censored in 21st century By ALICJA SIEKIERSKA  Staff Reporter Tues., Jan. 3, 2017 Facebook approved Facebook ...
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Zombie Laws

Zombie Laws – The Effort to Remove the Archaic and Unconstitutional

Zombie Laws Given the epidemic of fake news and the influence it may have had on the U.S. election, Section ...
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Canadian English

Canadian English And why we must always Blame Canada

Blame Canada South Park And the ever hilarious Robin Williams Robin Williams sang South park's: Bigger, Longer, Uncut ...
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