Bones of the Buddha

Bones of the Buddha In 1898, an excavation was done by William Peppe, a functionary of the British ...
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Hysteria and the invention of the Vibrator

Vibrator Vibrator While the electromechanical vibrator was invented by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville in sometime in the late 1800s, ...
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Gay Israel

Gay Israel: Documentary “Undressing Israel” – Gay Men in the Promised Land

Gay Israel Israel, which  is the spiritual home of Judaism, would be expected to be most rigorous in implementing the ...
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How We Got Gay

How We Got Gay – Documentary

How We Got Gay BBC Documentary History Channel - this was 50 years ago for 10 countries, the remaining 130 ...
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The Paper Bag Princess

Story of a princess who did not marry her handsome prince after all! Also contains many lessons for kids, like: ...
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