John Boswell – one of the major figures in gay and lesbian scholarship

John Boswell Book Overview "Truly groundbreaking work. John Boswell reveals unexplored phenomena with an unfailing erudition." Michel Foucault John Boswell's ...
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Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week – The Best Banned Books That Take Place In NYC

Banned Book Week Actress Michelle Williams brought one of the most banned books to the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards ...
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Neuroscientists could soon have you playing video games to prevent Dementia

Neuroscientists MW: Would you tell people to limit the time they spend playing games? Burak: It’s OK to play every day, but ...
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Gabrielle Deydier

Gabrielle Deydier – Author – On ne nait pas grosse (You are not born fat)

Gabrielle Deydier by KAITLYN MCLINTOCK    When people think of French girls, they think of effortless and low-maintenance beauty. These women ...
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Infidelity – Esther Perel – “We need a new conversation about this.”

Infidelity Esther Perel, author of The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, says there's more pressure on romantic relationships than ever ...
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