The Paper Bag Princess

Story of a princess who did not marry her handsome prince after all! Also contains many lessons for kids, like: ...
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Religulous Bill Maher

Religulous : Film by Bill Maher

Religulous Bill Maher Known for his stance against religion, Bill Maher's views on the various world religions are explored as ...
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Malayalam Songs

Malayalam Songs – “I am Not An Ivory Tower Poet”

Malayalam Songs 1974 song from a Malayalam movie. This is from an average movie, by any standards. What struck ...
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Brian Wilson

Love & Mercy: A story of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson The first thing you see in “Love & Mercy” is an extreme close-up of Brian Wilson’s ...
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Margarita with a straw

Margarita – with a Straw: An appreciation

Margarita with a straw This is not a review – there must be thousands out there. This is more in ...
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