Tyrants Writing Poetry

Tyrants Writing Poetry – Why Tyrants Love to Write Poetry

Tyrants Writing Poetry Tyrants Writing Poetry Poetry is an art of refinement, synonymous with delicacy and sensitivity. It seems counterintuitive ...
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Cidade De Deus

Cidade De Deus – Residents in Brazil’s notorious City of God scared of US

Cidade De Deus Residents walk by security forces in Cidade de Deus, a sprawling favela in Rio de Janeiro. Cidade De ...
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Arthur Miller – A Daughter’s View : A Documentary by Rebecca Miller

Arthur Miller A new documentary by Rebecca Miller offers an intimate look at her father’s work in the theatre, struggle ...
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Armando Ianucci

Armando Ianucci – biting satire takes on history in The Death of Stalin

Armando Ianucci Armando Ianucci It is a curious thing, this world, spinning in chaos, its politics no longer bound by ...
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Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg Address – How to Use Abraham Lincoln as Inspiration

Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. But although you know it well, what you might not realise about "four scores ...
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