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Saint Teresa Kolkata

The Newest Saint: “Kolkata will take a century to recover from Mother Teresa”

Saint Teresa Kolkata Be that as it may, my own wish would be to reclaim Kolkata/Calcutta from Teresa -- to ...
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Revealing the Whole Truth About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Truth Dr. Aroup Chatterjee, a London-based physician, published “Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict” in 2003, which cataloged evidence ...
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India Sex Crime, but no Oral, no Anal, so not “against the order of nature”

India Sex Crime (Relax India, he is not Gay) Please see our Blog: http://desispeaks.com/section-377/ on the Politics of Penetration Section 377 ...
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Toronto Star Office Romance

Toronto Star: Office Romance leads to 1 suicide, 1 resignation, 1 “Reassignment” …

Toronto Star Office Romance http://business.financialpost.com/news/the-dark-side-of-the-star-in-aftermath-of-reporters-death-concerns-about-newspapers-toxic-workplace-culture-raised The Toronto Star has been called “the best investigative newspaper in Canada.” Since Michael Cooke’s ...
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India’s nuclear nightmare

India’s nuclear nightmare: Jadugora, Jharkhand – The village of birth defects

Children with birth deformities like Alowati and Duniya live on almost every street in Jadugora, a leafy town surrounded by ...
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I certify that:


* I am an adult

* I can drink, drive and vote - if elections are held, bars are open and there are roads

* I am not easily offended, I understand that I can stop reading any time

* I shall not try to kill you or issue death threats

* If I want you to shut up, I will send you lots of money

* I am OK with references to the A word, B word, C word ….Z word and their equivalents in all global languages and dialects

* I shall not break into a sweat if you talk about priests, mullahs, rabbis, swamis, gurus, preachers ... and/or altar boys.