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Thailand Cave Rescue

Thailand Cave Rescue – inspires cartoons around the globe

Thailand Cave Rescue Move over, World Cup: 'This is what we really should be celebrating' The work of Pazut Wutigornsombatkul, ...
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Farts : which animals do, which don’t, and why; A new book explains

Farts People fart. Elephants too. Sloths don’t. Some fish fart to communicate. Getty Images Farts Here’s a mind-boggling fact: Almost all ...
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Commie Sperm

Commie Sperm – China sperm bank asks Communist semen donations

Commie Sperm The Third Hospital of Peking University is asking donors to answer the party's call before they hand over ...
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Emotional Support – Spirit Airlines representative misinformed the Guest that a hamster was permitted to fly as an emotional support animal

Emotional Support Below: This undated image made from video provided by Belen Aldecosea shows Pebbles, her pet dwarf hamster. Belen Aldecosea via ...
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Peoplekind – Canada PM Trudeau faces PC backlash over ‘peoplekind’ comment

Peoplekind Peoplekind Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a backlash for correcting a woman who used the term "mankind" ...
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I certify that:


* I am an adult

* I can drink, drive and vote - if elections are held, bars are open and there are roads

* I am not easily offended, I understand that I can stop reading any time

* I shall not try to kill you or issue death threats

* If I want you to shut up, I will send you lots of money

* I am OK with references to the A word, B word, C word ….Z word and their equivalents in all global languages and dialects

* I shall not break into a sweat if you talk about priests, mullahs, rabbis, swamis, gurus, preachers ... and/or altar boys.