Carob – How Carob Traumatised an Entire Generation in the 1970s

Carob Jonathan Kauffman writes about carob’s potential as a chocolate substitute and how the whole-foods movement of the nineteen-seventies coloured ...
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Jahi McMath – declared brain-dead by the hospital, her family disagreed. Her case challenges the very nature of existence.

Jahi McMath What Does It Mean to Die? Jahi had sleep apnea, which left her increasingly fatigued and unable to ...
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Y Chromosome

Y Chromosome is disappearing – so what will happen to men?

Y Chromosome The Y chromosome may be a symbol of masculinity, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is ...
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Microbiome – Does Your Gut and its bacteria Hold the Secret to Performance?

Microbiome Microbiome - The microbes in our digestive systems can affect everything from our mental health to our weight and ...
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Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing – How DNA Testing Botched Up my Family’s Heritage.

Genetic Testing Genetic Testing caused a minor family scandal. My grandfather’s mother was born in Pennsylvania, but she had lived ...
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