The Theory of Everything + Jane Hawking’s “reality check”

The Theory of Everything  (Stephen Hawking's life) The Theory of Everything is a 2014 British biographical romantic drama film directed by James ...
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Gabrielle Canada Actor

Gabrielle: Canadian Girl finds love (actor with a disability plays herself)

Gabrielle Marion - Rivard Portrays Gabrielle from Montreal who is affected by a developmental disability known as Williams Syndrome. Gabrielle ...
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Iris Murdoch Movie

Earliest Alzheimer’s Disease Movie – IRIS

Iris Murdoch Movie (2001) Iris is a 2001 British-American biographical drama film that tells the story of British novelist Iris ...
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Ian Brown

Father with a disabled child : Ian Brown

Father with a disabled child  Ian Brown A New York Times Top 10 Book of 2011The Boy in the Moon ...
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Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran – India’s Dancing Peacock

Sudha Chandran India's Dancing Peacock Sudha Chandran is an accomplished bharatanatyam dancer, Indian film and television actress, who turned to ...
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