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Move over MILFs … GILF is here

Move over MILFs … GILF is here

Godwoman India India’s latest godwoman! A definite improvement  in the spiritual landscape. In her interview, she says she is...

Some Moses Fun

  Actually the Arabs also did  “that thing” to the ends of their thingys after some eons.      ...

Faggots Spotted Dick

Faggots and Spotted Dick

Faggots Spotted Dick   English delicacies … Queen E must be eating her fill. Faggots Spotted Dick     Faggots...

Adam Eve Steve

Adam Eve Steve: It was Adam and Steve all along

Adam Eve Steve New historical evidence. “Adam and Steve” is a phrase that originated from a conservative Christian...



I certify that:


* I am an adult

* I can drink, drive and vote - if elections are held, bars are open and there are roads

* I am not easily offended, I understand that I can stop reading any time

* I shall not try to kill you or issue death threats

* If I want you to shut up, I will send you lots of money

* I am OK with references to the A word, B word, C word ….Z word and their equivalents in all global languages and dialects

* I shall not break into a sweat if you talk about priests, mullahs, rabbis, swamis, gurus, preachers ... and/or altar boys.