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Disability social media campaign

Project Value, Catherine Frazee, Ing Wong-Ward

Social media campaign wants to change how people with disabilities are seen The social media campaign wants you to...

Can E-Cigarettes Save Lives?

 Can E-Cigarettes Save Lives Joe Nocera OCT. 16, 2015 *** Two weeks ago, I received an email from NJOY, a...

Blind Cricket Guyana

Blind Cricket Guyana

Guyana’s blind cricketers are in it to win it By Carinya SharplesGeorgetown, Guyana 10 July 2016 Image copyrightTROY PARBOOImage...



I certify that:


* I am an adult

* I can drink, drive and vote - if elections are held, bars are open and there are roads

* I am not easily offended, I understand that I can stop reading any time

* I shall not try to kill you or issue death threats

* If I want you to shut up, I will send you lots of money

* I am OK with references to the A word, B word, C word ….Z word and their equivalents in all global languages and dialects

* I shall not break into a sweat if you talk about priests, mullahs, rabbis, swamis, gurus, preachers ... and/or altar boys.